Emergency Response Team


    Email: ERTOKC47@gmail.com


    The goal of the Delta Emergency Response Team (ERT) is to help chapters and individuals make the best and most informed decisions they can, in order to stay safe and thrive during and after challenging events such as natural or man-made disasters. In order to ensure sustainability of our sisterhood, chapters must engage in activities to ensure resiliency and continuity of operations should a mass emergency strike their city, service area and/or region and create a network to ensure our all our Sorors are safe and secure in the event of a mass emergency. 


    This initiative utilizes a 4-step model for duality of preparedness and response: 


    • Have a Plan
    • Prepare Wisely
    • Be Aware of Community Resources
    • Stay Informed


    Click on the links below for detailed information about each subject


    September Preparedness Month

    Earthquake Preparedness

    Winterize Your Vehicle




     Save Early for Disaster Costs






    Prepare for Emergencies NOW

    Document and Insure your Property

    Emergency Financial Aid Kit